Slots Tournament Eggstravaganza

To add some extra novelty to their various slots, both traditional and online casinos will frequently design slot games to coincide with a particular holiday. For instance, there are Christmas themed games, Halloween themed games, etc. In fact, knows of an Easter-themed casino games, though these are somewhat harder to find. One of the most popular of these is called "Eggstavaganza".

What is Eggstravaganza?

This humorously titled slot game is a holiday staple of some online casinos. It resembles a standard slot machine, but with a twist: instead of the typical images featured on slot machine reels, this game displays Easter-themed characters. Players turn up Easter eggs, baskets, rabbits, baby chicks, chocolate bunnies, and other figures associated with Easter and other non-religious spring festivals around the same time of year. You can play this game and many other slots for free by visiting a trusted online casino directory that specializes in no deposit bonuses and games. is one example of such as a site where free classic vegas slots are found. We recommend visiting the website to start playing slots without making a deposit.

Additional Features

In addition to themed pictures on its machines, the Eggstravaganza slot games also feature tables and levers that are designed to look as though they are made out of chocolate. Colors are in the pastel family, just like those typically featured in various Easter decorations. Some machines even include brief cartoons of animated animals who 'celebrate' a person's win on the casino slots.

While the game may sound quaint, it still maintains its major profit potential, with some games paying out close to 3,000 coins upon a win. Moreover, in an added bit of whimsy, bunnies in this game represent good luck: when a bunny appears on one of the reels, this means the player will get five to ten additional free turns.