About Casino Slots

Online slots games are easily the most prevalent and popular of the literally hundreds of online casino games available. Players understand the simple rules and clear payouts, and they can enjoy the game without investing large amounts of time or money.

Random Number Generators

The number one thing that makes online slots games possible is the random number generator. Whereas traditional slots games used mechanical reels that spun around to display symbols and unlock winning combinations, today's computer versions of the game use a random number generator to synchronize the game. Winnings are actually not entirely random, as programmers can ensure that payouts happen regularly enough to reward loyal players. This process actually makes it more lucrative to play slots online than with traditional slots machines.

Paylines and Payouts

Online casino slots games also have much more complicated and generous paylines than traditional slots games. While most reel-based games are limited to three or five reels with only a few winning combinations, online slots games can have any number of reels with anywhere from 5 to 100 different paylines. That means players have up to 100 chances to win money each time they play.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed playing slots should love the flexibility and ease that online casino slots offer. With more ways to win, more ways to play, and more money to win, these computer generated games offer even more excitement and hopefully more money to win.