Skill Based Bonuses in Slots

Players who enjoy slot machines will likely be the first to say that the game of slots requires absolutely no skill. However, with the introduction of second-screen bonus games, this is not always the case.

Luck vs. Skill

While many players favor skill-based games like blackjack and poker, others are more inclined to play roulette or even slots due to the ease of the games themselves. The only thing a player must do to play a slot machine is select the amount of their bet before choosing the number of paylines upon which to wager. However, more and more software developers are incorporating skill-based bonus games into the mix for even more fun and excitement.

Arcade-Based Bonus Games

One variation of a skill-based bonus game associated with slot machines is Asteroid Blasteroid. This is a second-screen game that requires players to control an airship and fire at incoming enemies using nothing more than their own manual dexterity. Luck is not a factor here; players must show a certain level of skill in order to make sense of the game. The higher a player's level at the end of the bonus round, the more they will win.

Logical Bonus Games

If arcade style games are not a player's forte, they may choose to try their hands at slot machines that feature logical bonus games, instead. These may require players to answer trivia questions, put together a virtual jigsaw puzzle in a specific time frame or even match colored objects as they move across the screen. These are very popular, and the more questions or puzzle pieces a player successfully navigates, the more they will win.

Despite these advances in technology, there are still players who want to leave their winnings up to Lady Luck. Thankfully, there are still plenty of traditional slot machines that feature traditional luck-based bonus rounds.