Different Bonuses in Slots

Bonus games are a regular feature of most online casino slots games. These bonuses can appear as hidden features given to random, lucky players, or they can be doled out by the casino as a reward to loyal players. These free bonus slots games are also available in a few different forms, keeping players entertained and coming back for more.

Random New and Exciting Features

Casinos try to offer a variety of different bonus slots games, constantly introducing new and exciting elements. By constantly innovating their most popular games, casinos can delight and thrill even those players who have played those games for months on end. In fact, by switching up the bonus games on a fairly regular basis, players will continue to play the same games, waiting until the newest features are released, and they can experience the fun first. These bonus games are usually unlocked by players randomly within the game, making it possible for anyone to unlock them.

Choice and Options

Other casinos may choose to give players a choice when it comes to what bonus game they want to play. Instead of randomly awarding players a set new game that has been rolled out recently, players who trigger a slots bonus game are given a menu of available bonus games. They may see a favorite game that is only available in the bonus round, or there may be new games that they can try out.

Either by rewarding the player with the newest games or by giving them a choice of games to play, casinos can delight their players with special bonus games hidden in their most popular slots games.