Caribbean Stud Poker Payout

Caribbean stud poker is a popular game which is easy to understand. Before playing, a player is required to place a wager which is known as an ante. After this five cards are given to him and another one to the dealer. The dealer has to reveal his car. The only thing the player is required to do to get a Caribbean stud poker payouts is to make a decision between folding and calling. Then the different hands are compared and the Caribbean stud poker payouts are made to the player if the player wins. This process takes very little time especially if the player is playing the game online. If he wins and gets a Caribbean stud poker payout then the money is immediately transferred into his account. The internet's largest card room with the best Poker Online guide, Find all the very best in poker online with the highest bonus offers.

In poker if a dealer has to qualify, then he has to have a king or a better card, if he does not have it then the player gets a Caribbean stud poker payout of one is to one. If the dealer qualifies then his hand is compared to that of the player. If the dealers hand is better then obviously the player loses and no Caribbean stud poker payout is made to him.

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Now let me tell you about the different Caribbean stud poker payouts. The Caribbean stud poker payout for a royal flush is 100:1 but this happens only rarely. The common payouts that are made to players are the ones for a straight pair for which you get 4:1 as well as for a flush where you get 5:1. Besides this the other Caribbean stud poker payouts are 7:1 for a full house, 20:1for a four of a kind, 50:1 for a straight flush. So this was all about the Caribbean stud poker payouts.